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The ultimate line calculation environment

Combining advanced functionalities and ease of use, Carmen is the essential tool for line calculation experts. Model more efficiently, get clear output — and keep full control!

Extensive, precise, efficient


For all ropeway types

Skilifts, monocables, multicables, ziplines...

Extensive calculation options

The carrier distribution module combined with the load case / envelope module allows to calculate many configurations of the line within the same calculation: regular distribution, parking mode, custom distributions, MultiX...

High precision results and transparent access to calculation data

Calculation accuracy is high in Carmen: rope connecting points on towers are variable (depending on sheave assembly deformations, rope angles...), multicables are modelled with deflection beams, skilifts are calculated with punctual loads of skiers...

Multiple languages and unit systems

Carmen speaks French, English and Spanish. Starting 2022, users can select which unit system Carmen uses: EU, Imperial etc.


PDF, Excel, RTF, Google Maps, DXF... Build up your productivity: Carmen lets you input and output your data the way you want.

Comprehensive output

Drawings, calculation reports, code checks... Carmen is developed in collaboration with design offices and manufacturers to offer the best output data for your projects and save time!

Tried and tested

Carmen is used daily by more than ten design offices and manufacturers. We provide comparative calculation on existing lines, which guarantees high accuracy.

Innovative solutions for dynamics

We developed a special module called Ropemotion to perform pseudo-dynamic calculation and give a better understanding of transition phases like acceleration/braking, going through a tower...

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A look at Carmen

We train your team

Nicolas Drecq holds a diploma from Ecole Polytechnique and specializes in structural design engineering. Not only does he teach engineers how to use Carmen, he also provides them with an in-depth understanding of the issues of line calculation. We can set up a training program that fits your organization.

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In good company

The world of cable transportation is small. We like to think that our customers form a club of experts. We listen to your requests and we react promptly, favoring a straightforward relationship. Suggestions? Concerns? Let’s talk, let's act.


20 years of innovation

Pierre Jaussaud, formerly head of the mecanical laboratory of the Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble (INPG), created the company EFCables in 1992 in order to develop software that would perform all the calculations required for cable transportation projects and their maintenance. The company was also involved in public transportation studies in order to promote rope transportation when suitable for the community.


Getting started


Ramping up

Nicolas Drecq holds a diploma from Ecole Polytechnique and specializes in structural design engineering — and he is passionate about cable transportation. He takes over in 2014 with the goal of rebuilding Carmen for more stability and efficiency. The program is now used by over ten customers who continuously contribute to its improvement through their suggestions. This strong collaboration with manufacturers and specialized and multidisciplinary design offices puts Carmen on the map as the world reference.

Continuous improvement

In 2020, Carmen integrated the new RopeMotion module, which takes into account carrier oscillation for a better understanding of the dynamic phenomena in cable transportation. In 2022, dozens of major improvements find their way to the program in a large-scale update... Carmen grows even more powerful, yet simpler!

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Let’s talk!

Ask us anything. We will show you how Carmen can serve your business.

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