Before creating EFCables, Pierre Jaussaud was at the head of the mecanical laboratory of the Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble (INPG). At the time, he worked on the design of Val d'Isère and Les Arcs cablecars but also on the Flaine DMC which is known as a great example of comfort and fiability.

Initially created to provide services to manufacturers and ski resorts, EFCables has first developed a suite of software that perform all the calculations required for cable transportation projects and maintenance. This includes passenger transportion, material transportation , zip lines (amusement parks). EFCables then diversified into public transportation studies and greenways. EFCables has always favored public interest in its project.


EFCables was a direct extension of the industrial activity of  Pierre Jaussaud at INPG. The company has worked on various subjects, some of which are presented below:

  • Technical assistance to MONTAVAL  (design seats, pulleys and tower calculations)
  • Inspections of various cable systems (zip, ski lifts, chairlifts).
  • Cableways calculations (materials transportation to EIM and HCpyrénées Agencies).
  • Checking calculation notes for quality control
  • Optimization of pylons equipment to eliminate vibrations and ensure line comfort
  • Assistance for several projects in Val d'Isere
  • Promoting the use of urban cable transportation, creating the association Le Chainon Manquant


Since early 2014, the activity of EFCables was taken over by Nicolas Drecq, Polytechnique engineer specialized in structure design engineering and software editing . The objective of this close collaboration with Pierre Jaussaud was to edit a 100% new software but also to modernize the company to meet the needs of this fast growing market.

We aim to provide innovative solutions, especially in the tower implantation studies. This is why we work with consultants expert applied mathematics, as Pierre Baqué, Polytechnique engineer who developed the first automatic tower implantation module under Dijsktra algorithm for Carmen V2

It's been 6 years since we've launched the new Carmen V2 and now more than 10 clients use it. We pay a great attention to each client that's why we chose to have a collaborative development and suggestion process where client suggest new features that we try to set for the next release of the software. Our goal is to make Carmen V2 a worldwide reference for ropeway calculation software. Carmen V2 speaks french, english and now spanish!

Since 2020, EFCables has release a new software: RopeMotion. This software completes Carmen V2 and allows to dig further into the line calculation. RopeMotion is based on dynamic calculation using the oscillation of the carriers, the acceleration of the ropes etc. This new step gives EFCables a better capacity of analysis of specific situation such braking loads, carrier oscillations etc.

We can also give training course for engineering about line calculation. EFCables is also specialized in structural calculation.

DMC de Flaine

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