EFCables has 2 different ropeway softwares:



In 2020, Carmen offers new possibilities and a 10x faster calculation engine


Carmen speaks french, english and spanish


One software for SkiLift, Monocable, Multicables, Gravitationnal Multicables...


Calculation of the exact number of carriers


Intermediate stations

Automatic tower implantation

A unique Dijsktra code to find economical tower solutions fast

Instinctive and fast

All new user interface for a great comfort. In 2020, Carmen offers a 10x faster calculation engine


Make your installation run with our graphical animation!

Punctual loads

All calculations are punctual and fully adaptable

Load cases

Make your load cases (type, temperature, friction coefficient, braking...)


Office, GoogleMaps, Autocad...Increase your productivity

High precision of calculation

Sharp design of the line: moving rope connecting points, sheave assembly, multicable beams, cabins...

Tested and Approved

Comparative calculations performed on existing lines


Edit calculation notes with our Office tools


Make in a clic your graphs in Autocad

Used for more than 6 years in execution projects

Many ropeways in service were designed with CarmenV2

Permanent evolution

Carmen gets better and better ! We improve it taking into account remarks from clients

RopeMotion, a new software for dynamic line calculation:

Easy to use

Environment similar to Carmen. Project files are compatible between Carmen and RopeMotion

High precision results

Allows the analysis of dynamic situations (braking, acceleration, ...) without making an average analysis. The whole calculation is dynamic

Secures your designs

Reduces uncertainty in dynamic situations and thus secures your design and on-site operation.